With rising temperatures due to climate change, it’s never been more important for brands to know what footprint they're leaving on this earth. As a small company we don't have our own vineyard or winery, which gives us the freedom to work with others who share the same values as us.

Кавалер кинг-чарльз-спаниель

We make and bottle our wines ourself inside of Woodfine's winery space in Beaconsfield. A natural and certified organic vineyard and winery (please note we are not certified organic nor claim to be).
We seek out grapes from growers who truly care about their environment. Those who promote healthy soils by using minimal vineyard treatments throughout the year. This allows us to create wine from the best quality grapes that are grown with sustainability in mind.
We choose fully recyclable bottles and labels and promote a sustainable mindset to those who like to drink our wine. In the future we are planning to be carbon negative as well as make strides to create a fully sustainable operation.

We wanted to find the perfect charity partner to support from the inception of the brand. After early conversations with the British Waterfowl Association, we knew that they were doing great things to help protect British Geese and we wanted to be a part of their journey. That's why we donate 5% of our annual profits to them and are happy to be doing what we can for British Waterfowl.
The BWA is an association of enthusiasts interested in keeping, breeding and conserving all kinds of waterfowl — wildfowl, domestic ducks and geese. They are dedicated to education about waterfowl and their conservation, as well as to raising the standards of keeping and breeding ducks, geese and swans in captivity.