You must be 18 year old or older to purchase alcohol. If you look under 18 years old you may be challenged by the delivery driver.


Delivery costs /// Our standard shipping cost for all orders is £9.90. Shipping wine is not very easy or cheap but we don't take any profit from it and try to discount for larger orders making deliveries more cost effective.
Delivery timings /// As we're a small company we process our shipping orders twice a week and aim to get your wine to you asap. Please expect your order to arrive within 4-7 working days. Feel free to get in touch directly if you wish to put an order in that requires more immediate delivery.
Returns policy /// If for some reason you are unhappy with our product, please get in touch and let us know why. If there is a genuine problem, we will not hesitate to send you out a new bottle. Please note that some of our winemaking practices are more natural or made with lower intervention winemaking. This means that not all bottles are exactly the same and they might not look, act or taste like other more conventionally made wine. Products could be naturally cloudy or a little fizzier than your average sparkling wine.